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Sawmill Workshop

Visit Hong Kong’s Last Sawmill & Timber. Make Unique Memory and Your Own Woodcraft.

The tour is divided into 4 sessions:​


Development of Timber Industry

  • The timber industry was prosperous before World War II

  • There were more than 50 timber factories over Chai Wan and Cheung Sha Wan before war

  • Due to the lumber ban in Southeast Asia in 1997, most sawmills in Hong Kong were shut down

  • Chi Kee was the last sawmill in Hong Kong. However, they may shut down as they are forced to move out by 17th Dec 2021

Basic Knowledge of Wood and Saw Cutting Machines

  • Give a brief lecture about wood

  • A Live demonstration of using saw cutting machines

  • A brief of building interlocks using mortises and tenons

History of Chi Kee Sawmill

  • Chi Kee is established since 1947

  • They were originally at North Point

  • Then they moved to Chai Wan

  • Due to city development, Chi Kee moved to Sheung Shui in 1980s

  • Most woods are from construction sites or abandoned poles from the Electrical Company


Woodwork Workshop

  • Made own wood crafts


Moss Art Workshop

Mosses are small, non-vascular flowerless plants therefore they are not able to draw water and nutrients up. Preserved moss is harvested from forest floors and undergoes a special process. Mosses are important in the carbon cycle, with peat mosses storing a huge amount of carbon. It's eco-friendly and useful in noise reduction.